11 Tips to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

1. Listen to yourself

Listening to constructive criticism is not bad, it can help you grow and improve. However, when you have an idea to start your own company, you will probably hear a lot of comments that could demoralize you. Phrases like: “don’t do it” “you’re crazy” “it’s risky” and blah blah blah…. are the kind of comments that discourage people who want to become entrepreneurs.

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While it is true that success is not guaranteed, paying attention to all those negative people is 100% sure failure.

Dismiss negative comments, mainly from those with little or no experience in the matter. If they insist you can simply say: “Thanks for the opinion, I fully understand the risks, and I am willing to take them.”

Most people know what not to do, but very few know what to do. If you have a goal, go for it.

2. Work Smart

Don’t just stay dreaming. All the successes you know are due to a great previous work. Starting a company can be tiring and stressful, however you must keep in mind that things will not always be like this.

A company is like an airplane, if it does not start at full speed, it will not be able to take off, and it will stay on the ground. The advantage is that when a certain altitude and speed have been reached, pressure can be released.

3. Look for mentors

Listen to those who are successful, not to those who are not doing anything interesting with their lives. Look for people who are successful in their field of activity, watch them, listen to them and if possible, ask them to become their “student”.

Not everyone will say yes, but some will be able to give you good tips for your future life as an entrepreneur. The first rule for a positive answer is to ask.

4. Build your dream team

Always remember to surround yourself with competent people in your profession.
It is impossible to know everything, therefore, progressively, and depending on your needs and goals, you may need: An accountant, a graphic designer, a lawyer, a partner, a salesperson, a real estate agent, an assistant, good suppliers… The list can be long, but creating business relationships with competent people is an essential quality to be a good entrepreneur.

5. Make your own decisions

One of the worst characteristics that someone who wants to be an entrepreneur can have is not being able to make a decision. If you have that problem and you undertake a project, it will probably fail in no time.

Remember: Everyone has their own perception of reality! You have to be able to make decisions without having to consult 12 people to find out what the best decision is. The worst of these situations is when you receive 12 different opinions and you still don’t know what to do.

It will be scary at first, but making decisions is vital to being successful at anything. Usually this fear gradually dissipates, and over time you gain self-confidence.

6. Failure does not exist

Failure only exists in the head.
There are no failures, only lessons to achieve success.
Problems do not exist, only challenges to overcome.
Having this frame of mind will help you succeed.
Many successful entrepreneurs failed in their first ventures, for a variety of reasons. However, their experiences gave them much more than what they lost.

7. Have a clear vision of what you want to do in your life

If you are married, how long did it take you to plan and make your move to marriage? probably not less than a year. Now, ask yourself the following question: How much time have you spent planning your life? What is your answer?

If you don’t know exactly what kind of life you want to live, and you get carried away by the waves, then take the time to reflect on the important things in your life and what you are looking for in it.

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8. Find your why?

You must know why you want to be an entrepreneur. Life change, owning your time, earning more money, not having a boss, a dream, helping your family, being free… Whatever your reason, it must be precisely defined.

9. Be patient

As the saying goes, Rome was not built in a day. Don’t think you’re going to make a fortune in six months. Building a solid company takes time, and requires an investment of your time, money, sweat, sacrifices… but they will bring you a tremendous sense of personal fulfillment and freedom… And that is worth the price.

10. When you want you can

Regardless of your age, gender, studies, etc. If you want to build your company successfully, and you have the burning desire within you to achieve this goal, you can undoubtedly achieve it. Listen to your instinct, it is he who is right.

11. Read

Turn off the TV, stop watching series, reality shows or any other program that prevents you from thinking and doing interesting things. Take a look on Amazon and buy 2-3 books to instruct or motivate yourself.

Books are an excellent source of knowledge and it is also not expensive. You don’t need to intellectualize everything either, always remember that educating yourself is very important, but even more important is getting started. The action is in the center of the water, you will never learn to swim at the edge of the pool.

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