All You Need to Know About The Prostate Cancer Treatment in Singapore

Prostate cancer is widespread among males. It spreads slowly and you don’t usually notice the symptoms until it gets worse. But, still, it can be detected early. If early detected, there are plenty of things to do that can hamper the growth of cancer cells. Therefore, there should be an increased awareness of prostate cancer among males. Usually, older men fall victim to it. But people must know about the treatments and preventions of prostate cancer. Hence in this article, we will cover the possible treatments for prostate cancer. Let’s start by defining prostate cancer and then head on to prostate cancer treatment in Singapore. 

What is the Prostate? 

The prostate is an integral part of a male’s reproductive organs, located somewhere between the genital and the bladder. Its function is to produce white fluid that makes up semen. The prostate is about the size of a walnut, but it tends to increase as one gets older. That’s why there’s a higher percentage of prostate cancer patients in older males 

What is prostate cancer? 

Prostate cancer develops when prostate cells start growing abnormally. Early diagnosis can prevent further complications caused in the advanced stages. There are treatments available, but they only work in the early stages. If the situation becomes complicated, then it becomes difficult to cure prostate cancer. But in this article, we will be mentioning the treatments available to cure prostate cancer. 

Prostate Cancer Treatments: 

There are different prostate cancer treatment in Singapore, depending on the stage of cancer you have. If you are in the initial stage, then the doctor may not prefer treatment right away. He will wait for the symptoms to develop and will treat the symptoms then. The treatments used to cure prostate cancers are given below: 


In the surgery, the prostate and the surrounding tissue are removed. It eradicates the prostate cancer  

Radiation therapy: 

In Radiation Therapy, high-energy radiation is employed to kill the cancer cells. There are two types of radiation therapies. One is known as external radiation therapy and the other as internal radiation. In external radiation therapy, a machine outside the body targets the cancer cells and kills them. In internal radiation therapy, radioactive traces are placed near the cancer cells.  

Other Therapies: 

Some other therapies can be used to treat prostate cancer treatment in Singapore. These therapies are still under observation. These include chemotherapy, cryotherapy, biological therapy, hormone therapy, and high-intensity focused ultrasound. These are some of the therapies we expect can hamper or kill cancer cells.  

In chemotherapy, we try to kill or minimize cancer cells by intaking drugs. The drugs can either be in the form of pills or medicines. 

In Biological therapy, we try to improve the immune system so that it can fight cancer cells. When your immune system gets better, you better fight the symptoms. 

In hormone therapy, we try to hamper cancer cells’ growth by not giving them the hormones they need. 

In the ultrasound one, we generate high-intensity ultrasound waves and direct them to the affected area to kill cancer cells. 

In Cryotherapy, a cryoprobe is employed to kill the cancer cells by freezing them. It is also referred to as cold therapy.  


The percentage of prostate cancer patients is increasing day by day. 1 out of 8 males is a victim of prostate cancer. It’s high time we should speak about it and made people aware of it. Because most people notice it when things get complicated. There are treatments available for prostate cancer. Which treatment is for you depends on your overall health and the cancer stage. 

If you’re in the initial stages of prostate cancer, your oncologist will better advise you not to go for treatment like radiation therapy. Once the symptoms start appearing, then you can treat them. 

You can get surgery and your prostate will be removed from your bladder. You can get radiation therapy that will destroy the cancer cells. There are some other therapies like cryotherapy, chemotherapy, and hormone therapy that are intended to hamper the growth of cancer cells. I hope you’ve learned all you need to know about prostate cancer treatment in Singapore. 

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