Are There Any Benefits of Two-Wheeler Loans for Women?

If you have been yearning to own a bike or scooter, you’re in luck! We offer loans at low interest rates and flexible repayment options to help you buy your dream vehicle. With our online application form and speedy approval process, getting a loan has never been easier. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

There are certain advantages of bike loans for women which we will discuss in detail. These benefits include affordability, flexibility and savings to some extent.

Minimal paperwork

You can apply for a two-wheeler loan online in just a few simple steps. Simply fill up an application form and submit the required documents, and our expert team of lenders does the rest. We have been in this business for several years and are known for offering borrowers flexible repayment schemes along with hassle-free customer service experience.

Affordable interest rates

Muthoot Capital, a leading NBFC in India, offers interest rates starting at just 10.75%. In addition to flexible repayment options and convenient payment channels, the company also gives you a healthy 0.4% discount when paying through your Liquid Card so you can repay your loan with ease and save on interest payments.

Zero down payment loans

If you’re buying a new two-wheeler through a bike loan, then make sure you pay the minimum down payment required by the lender. The rest of the money can be financed through a loan for which you will have to provide collateral.

Muthoot Capital offers zero down payment loans to finance the bike’s entire cost. You won’t have to pay any down payment. However, you’ll get the loan for only up to a specific price limit – up to Rs. 1.5 lakhs under this scheme.

Customised EMI plans

If you are looking for a loan with flexible payments, then look no further. Our portfolio of home loans offers flexi EMI plans, where the instalments start low and gradually increase in the second half of your loan tenure. This can be beneficial if you have irregular income or an uncertain budget that needs to be accommodated by lower payments early on counter display boxes.

Longer repayment tenures

When choosing a loan tenure, it is important that you know how much you can comfortably make the EMI payments. If your income covers your monthly expenses, look for repayment tenures between 6-36 months. If you want to keep servicing the loan easily and comfortably, you can always choose a lender who offers longer tenures of up to 60 months, like Muthoot Capital

Turn to Muthoot Capital

We understand that you want to buy a bike and enjoy riding it. But, you might face obstacles in raising funds for the purchase. However, there are many banks that offer loans with affordable interest rates to make your purchase easy. If you want to avail a loan for your bike purchase, opt for Muthoot Capital finance which offers flexible business loan eligibility and 100% vehicle cost financing among other benefits.

It is easy to buy a two-wheeler with a motorcycle loan. Apply for the best bike loan through our online portal and get your two-wheeler financed instantly just with minimal documentation. You can get finance of up to 100%* of the bike’s cost for tenures ranging 1 to 5 years at lower interest rates. TnC applicable

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