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People spend millions of dollars to buy boats and yachts. It is a luxury item. This makes it especially important that your boat receives professional care. You can buy boat parts from PartsVu to keep your boat in the perfect condition. They have different variety and every product that you may need to protect your boat from damage. These products are available at a very reasonably low prices, but without compromising the quality of the product. They supply the best product in the market in the lowest prices. Regular maintenance of your boats will keep you safe accidents that might happen due to damaged parts.

Rust & Corrosion Protectant

This a spray which can protect the body and parts of boat from rust and corrosion. As a result of its construction, surfaces that are exposed to the weather will benefit from a non-conductive shield. The effects of moisture on metal parts and electrical connections will be lessened by this barrier.

You can apply it in following ways:

  • applied to a damp surface.
  • Frees up stuck and rusted sections of bolts and nuts.
  • Improves the service life of the equipment
  • Long-term removal of squeaks.

Forms a coating on the surface that forestalls and stops corrosion. Displaces all moisture and completely eliminates dirt (dampness, humidity, fog, rain, acid rain, chlorinated water, and salt water). It has strong adhesive qualities and penetrates hard-to-reach places.

Fuel Water Separating Filter

Fuel water separating filter is a boat part from PartsVu that supplies clean fuel to the engine. It is a tiny filter that separates water from diesel fuel before it gets to the engine’s delicate components. No matter what kind of fuel you are using, it is important that your fuel must not have any traces of water or any other contaminants by using this fuel water separator, pollution in the fuel is prevented.  You should always change your filter regularly like any other filter. Its best to change it in spring season. It will have all the gunk from the earlier season and filled with dust if you did not store it properly in the winter season.

Fuel additives

Yamalube Outboard Ring Free Plus Fuel Additive is a type of boat part from PartsVu used as a fuel additive. Performance fuel additives aim to increase the capabilities of the engine in your car when it is operating or in use. Fuel stabilizers keep fuel in a functional condition when stored for a prolonged period without use. Boat and personal watercraft owners should apply a fuel additive to shield their fuel systems from ethanol’s damaging effects. This safeguards against fuel stability. They could stop future issues with your fuel injectors and build-up related to boat maintenance. However, after only one tank, gasoline additives may not immediately increase your boat’s fuel efficiency.

It eliminates deposits from combustion chambers, intake valves, intake ports, carburetors, and fuel injectors. These dangerous deposits, which are frequently the consequence of gas quality issues, can lead to knocking/pinging, power loss, stuttering, limited spark plug life, seal sticking, and potentially costly engine damage. Both two-stroke and four-stroke engines have increased power and efficiency. It will protect your electronic parts and fittings against the corrosion of Sulphur compounds in the fuel.

Outboard Motor Cowling Cover

It is constructed of SurLast solution-dyed polyester fabric. This fabric is strong and durable. The best protection against the hostile sea environment is provided by SurLast fabric. This non-abrasive, waterproof cover is also resistant to UV rays, mould, and mildew for added protection. The cover features a snap-buckle strap for a secure and snug fit which can be adjusted very easily.

Service Maintenance Kit

A Service Maintenance Kit include the replacement parts for the boat. It also includes products that are used to protect the boat from damage and corrosion. When the parts become overused, you can replace them with parts from the kit. This service kit includes:

  • 1 Outboard Mineral Engine Oil Gallon
  • 1 Outboard Mineral Engine Oil Quart
  • 1 Outboard Oil Filter
  • 1 Oil Plug Drain Gasket
  • 2 Marine Gear Case Lube Oil
  • 2 Outboard Lower Unit Drain Gasket
  • 1 Primary Fuel Filter Element
  • 1 Outboard 10-Micron Fuel Water Separating Filter
  • 4 Spark Plug – OUTBOARD

Transom Saver for Outboard Support Motor

The transom saver may be a device that guards against stress or eventual damage caused by forces put on your boat’s transom by the weight of the outboard motor when you are towing it. The skeg is also kept raised and safeguarded while trailering by a transom saver. Due to its low profile, the boat’s lowest point has a greater likelihood of being destroyed if it collides with a surface like pavement or a pothole. It makes it possible to move an outboard-powered boat safely while the motor is inclined or tilted.

Using a transom Saver in no way implies that you doubt the strength of your hull. When you trailer your boat, forces placed on the transom are more direct than when it is being used normally.

Water Pump Repair Kit

You can replace any part of the cooling system of your boat using this water pump repair kit. It is not a complicated procedure, and you can do it yourself. Brushes deteriorate and windings become shorter, much like other moving and rotating parts. The electric motor of a water pump simply ages and wears down over time, which is the most frequent cause of failure. Auxiliary pumps are no exception to the rule when it comes to breaking down over time owing to continual use and abuse.

This kit includes:

  • 1 Cartridge Insert
  • 1 O-Ring
  • 1 O-Ring
  • 1 Impeller
  • 1 Cartridge Outer Plate
  • 1 Water Pump Gasket
  • 2 Dowel Pins
  • 4 Bolts, With Washer
  • 1 Woodruff Key

Oil Change Kit

This kit includes all the primary products needed to change the oil of your boat. This kit includes:

  • Yamalube 10W-30 4M Outboard Mineral FC-W Engine Oil
  • Genuine Yamaha oil filter

Necessary drain bolt gasket

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