Business Setup in Ajman: What are the benefits? 

When you start your business, you need to make sure that it is based in a productive place. When you set up your business in Ajman, you get a lot of benefits. There are some cons too, which we’ll talk about in the blog later. Ajman is a free zone in the UAE where you can conduct business throughout the world. In this article, we will cover the advantages and disadvantages that come with owning business setup in Ajman.  

The Benefits of owning Business Setup in Ajman 

From tax reduction to healthcare, there are a number of pros you enjoy choosing to operate your business in Ajman. So, here are the benefits of business setup in Ajman 

Low Wages 

Labor wages in Ajman are comparatively lesser than in other emirates. Ajman is the perfect place for businesses with less budget. You can hire experienced workers for less money without compromising on the quality of the work. 

Minimum Custom Charges on Import & Export 

For businesses that operate in Ajman free zone and Ajman media city, tax has been reduced to the minimum. If you export and import from and to Gulf Countries, you don’t have to pay customs charges. If you export and import from and to other than the Gulf countries, you may need to pay some bucks.  

Residency Permit For Investors and their families 

Setting up business in Ajman Media City and Ajman free zone allows you to stay in the UAE with your family. This is how Ajman attracts people to invest in its emerging marketplace.  

Lesser business setup cost 

Another reason why investors have been moving to Ajman is the fact that Ajman offers the cheapest package to set up your business. You can get a trade license for less money than in other Emirates. Likewise, company registration is also cheaper than in other emirates. If you want to set up a company that requires more employees, then you should consider Ajman. Because Ajman has low labor costs and you can get a skillful employee for less money.  

Ideal location for businesses 

Ajman is the ideal location for businesses that want to extend their reach globally. Ajman has access to multiple airports and people from east and west have access to the UAE. At Ajman, you can set up your business to maximize your reach globally. 

No Corporate tax 

If your business operates in Ajman, then you don’t need to pay corporate taxes. Oil Companies and foreign banks are obliged to pay corporate tax as imposed by the UAE government. Ajman is the ideal place if you don’t want to pay a lot of taxes. 

No Restrictions on Any type of Business 

 You can set up your business in Ajman without rethinking your business’s niche. Ajman allows investors to open any sort of business in Ajman, let it be a commercial or industrial business. You can also conduct your business online by getting an e-commerce license.  

Swift Business Setup Process 

The business setup process in Ajman is convenient and quick. You can do most of the process online and then you need to visit the concerned authorities to sign up the documents. You can apply for a trade license online by submitting the required documents. 

Allows Multiple Shareholders 

Ajman allows up to five shareholders for your company. So, limited liability companies with less budget can share their business cost with the shareholders. 


Ajman offers a number of benefits to people looking to own Business setup in Ajman. Businesses enjoy minimum tax when they set up business in Ajman free zone. Ajman is the ideal place for people who want to set up their company but are short on budget. It gives you numerous options to set up your business even if you have less money. For instance, you can have multiple shareholders who will share the cost of your business. Besides, the location itself is the biggest benefit. People from all over the world arrive in the UAE, so you have the chance to maximize your reach globally. The business registration process is quick and you can do it hassle-free. I hope you have learned the benefits of business setup in Ajman. 

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