Best, Funny, Cool, And Clever Discord Names

Discord is a famous gaming chat app that allows a large number of customized services to make your experience on the platform better. If you are an active user of discord then you must be aware of the fact that you can use a different name on every server you use. 

This feature is quite cool using you can have a name or identity different on each server but the problem which arises is, selecting good discord server names. 

If you are also caught in this dilemma of selecting a name for the discord then you are at the right place to find out about the same in the section below of this blog we are going to provide you with some amazing discord servers names ideas aesthetic so that you can use them on your account. 

So, you must check out the name ideas which we have provided for you here in this blog. 

Discord Username – What is it?

Discord username is the name that you use on your discord account through which you are identified on the platform. And in order to make a discord account unique it attaches 4 digits along with the name. 

Setting Discord Name on the Platform

To set a name on the discord platform you need to install the discord platform and then you need to open the app. You need to first login into your account and then you can change the name in the settings. 

And if you haven’t registered on the platform you need to do so by hitting on the register and then selecting fantasy discord server names

How To Change Discord User Name?

As mentioned earlier, Discord allows you to change your name on any server. To do this, just type “/nick” in the text box, press the space bar or the “Tab” key, and type the new username you want to use for this server. You can also change your Discord username at once if you don’t want to change it every time for every server you join. Where you can find detailed information on how to change your name and some other good advice about your username on this blog. Now that you’ve covered the basics and know everything you need to know about Discord usernames, it’s time to pick one (or a few). A list of Discord subdomains is here to make it easier for you. Mix and match, add emojis, and change letters as you like.

Cool Discord Name to be used on Discord 

These are some very cool names that you can use if you have a cool personality and you want to show it to other people on discord via your server name. 

  • Wrestler 
  • Captain 
  • Lancaster 
  • Cool guy 
  • Cool girl
  • Victor 
  • Champion 
  • Boxer 
  • Mystic 
  • Casanova 
  • Family guy 
  • Jack sparrow 
  • Fabulous 
  • Scooby 
  • Space bar 
  • Ninja 

Funny Discord Name Ideas for Discord 

Here are some funny discord server names which you can use if you want to show yourself as a funny name on discord. 

  • Ken Adams 
  • Carrot 
  • Princess banana 
  • Couch potato 
  • Mr bean 
  • Bloop 
  • Toast 
  • Butter fingers 
  • You ate my sandwich 
  • Peanut butter girl 
  • Mr. Meddle 
  • Jumbo dumbo 
  • The big bang 
  • Piece of a cake 
  • Blooper show 

Clever Names to be used on Discord 

  • Life of the party 
  • Lifesaver 
  • The doctor 
  • Wild heart 
  • Bazinga 
  • Rocky 
  • Saving the day
  • Anonymous
  • Lost soul 
  • Enlightened 
  • Mad man 
  • Enlightened 
  • The government 
  • Hall of famer 
  • The clown 
  • X men 
  • Strange thing 

Best Discord Names that could be used by you 

  • Johnnie Walker 
  • Darth Vader 
  • Lucifer 
  • The joker 
  • Dark knight 
  • Werewolf 
  • The Simpsons 
  • Big hero 
  • Killer lion 
  • Mighty thor 
  • Storm 
  • Phoenix 
  • Sultan of the world
  • Vampire hunt 
  • Happy heart 
  • Shark 
  • Slayer of the game 
  • Killer king 
  • Catfish 

If you want more name ideas then you can anytime access the website Onlinegeeks which will provide you with more unique and creative ideas. 

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