Guide To Buying Mattress Protectors

Perhaps you are not able to sleep well at night and wake up feeling more tired the next morning. This could be due to your old mattress that is not allowing you to sleep in comfort. You need to replace your old mattress with a new one, something that assures complete relaxation and good sleep. Hence, you need to research on the different available mattresses and find what exactly suits your needs. 

Mattress protector

What you need besides mattress are mattress protectors that are designed to extend its duration of use. Be it an old or new mattress, you need to safeguard it from potential damage. But before you buy one, it will be necessary to find out what benefits you can derive by using these protectors. 

Benefits derived

Orthopaedic mattress protector from a reputed brand is sure to serve four important functions that are given below. 

  • Help enhance mattress life: It could be that you sweat profusely. If so, then it is likely to reduce significantly duration of mattress comfort layer. Moisture, even a tiny amount if allowed to penetrate the mattress will only accumulate with time, thereby becoming a nuisance. Orthopaedic mattress cover when used reduces the frequent need to replace the existing mattress. 
  • Clean and hygienic: During summer, it is quite natural for people to sweat heavily at night when compared to daytime hours. Many prefer to apply makeup while others exfoliate skin to eliminate dead skin cells. The skin also produces special oil due to action of glands. Such actions cause accumulation of contaminants and dead skin cells on the mattress. Using the mattress ensures avoiding such issues. 
  • Keeps at bay pollutants: Besides the above, coughing or sneezing causes a ‘wet patch’ to appear on the mattress. Pollutants may enter the bed through bedsheets. In case something gets sucked into the mattress accidentally, then removing it will be nearly impossible without destroying it. You can also remove the covers very easily and get it cleaned frequently. This way, a clean cover will ensure clean mattress while being contamination-free.
  • Ensures guarantee’s security: It is a known fact that spills onto the mattress will only void limited warranty provided by the manufacturer. At the same time, stains created due to spills are only likely to spoil the visual appeal of the expensive mattress. An orthopaedic mattress cover is likely to come with lifetime guarantee of better hygiene, safety and enhanced protection. It safeguards your investment and also costs less.
  • Alleviates dust allergies: There are present dust mites around even inside the house that may cause allergies, runny nose, sneezing, shortness of breath and coughing. People who suffer from breathing issues or allergic symptoms are advised to remain away from dust. Mattress cover when used properly ensures that the mattress is well protected from dust mites and dead skin cells. 

Are mattress pad and protector different?

Mattress pad and protector tend to vary in different ways. Pads are designed to provide comfort to the mattress sleeping surface. However some exceptions are noticed when waterproofing is concerned. Mattress coverings can be used for thin mattresses as it does not alter its feel and is also waterproof. Since there is less need to have extra mattress padding, you may choose to use water-resistant, light mattress cover. 

Other things to consider

Besides the above, protectors or covers are significantly thicker unlike pads! They are also offered as an alternative. You may use foam topper. But cover will have to be used to cover the foam topper to safeguard the protector and the mattress from damage, wear and tear. You may discuss with the professionals to know how you can benefit from using protectors.

Style of protectors

You can come across protectors in varying designs. They are:

  • Luxurious orthopaedic protectors use superior quality fabrics. It helps eliminate moisture and heat from the body. Often, they are quite expensive and effective for those who sweat at night excessively. They are also both breathable and waterproof. 
  • Waterproof, organic protectors are available. They do make a great choice for those who would like to ensure their bedding is completely organic. They make perfect choices for those who have small children and pets at home.
  • Also are available inexpensive protectors that are breathable and waterproof, but without performance fabric used on its top. However it manages to perform a variety of functions that expensive models perform. 
  • The most affordable protector available is the one that offers protection however, with that plastic feel. They are less breathable than those that use traditional fabrics. A few are even cited to be less durable. 

Protecting your mattress

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Whatever be the type of mattress you own, be it new or old, it is your responsibility to protect it by using a good and properly fitting mattress cover. A well selected cover will ensure your mattress remains visually new and functional for a long time. You will also have good night sleep.

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