Home Remedies To Treat Gynecomastia in Men

In men with gynecomastia, the breasts become enlarged, tender, and firm, and there may even be blood discharge from the nipple.

Males experience gynecomastia primarily due to hormonal imbalances between testosterone and estrogen. Multiple factors can disrupt hormone production in the body. In most cases, testosterone production is inhibited by other health conditions. A lack of exercise and excessive alcohol consumption can also lead to gynecomastia. 

Hormone levels can be restored to normal for gynecomastia treatment with home remedies. Find out which remedies work and comprehend the same effectively. 

Cold Compress

Aside from swelling of the male breasts, tenderness and soreness of the breasts are also symptoms of gynecomastia. The application of a cold compress can provide relief. In addition, swollen nerves can be constrained by a cold compress, which decreases swelling and pain.

The process of making cold compresses is quite simple. Ice cubes wrapped in a squeaky clean towel take only a few seconds to create. The cold compress should be applied for one minute to the breasts.


A low testosterone level in the male body is one of the leading causes of male breast enlargement. As a result of turmeric’s active ingredient Curcumin, testosterone is produced more effectively, and inflammation is reduced.

Moreover, turmeric promotes liver health and burns fat. It is recommended, however, that you consult your physician before taking turmeric if you suffer from gallbladder issues or digestive issues. The turmeric should be mixed with warm water and consumed twice a day. The body will change within a couple of days.

Fish Oil

Gynecomastia treatment is possible with the assistance of oil from fish. Additionally, fish oil supplements are available. The omega-3 fatty acids contained in fish oil also assist in the metabolization of estrogen and promote testosterone production. The omega-3 fatty acids in coldwater fish, such as tuna and salmon, are particularly beneficial.

Moreover, fish oil contains antioxidants that protect the body from inflammation caused by free radicals. The recommended dose of fish oil is two capsules before bedtime for those who don’t consume fish.


In order to reduce swelling around the chest area, fat deposition needs to be restricted. In this case, excess fat tissue causes estrogen to be produced. You can prevent the problem from worsening by performing the following exercises:

  • Performing push-ups
  • Flying 
  • Stand Cables
  • The bench press
  • Push-ups to planks
  • The sprints

Swimming, running, light walking, etc., are all cardio exercises that are equally important.

Milk Thistle

Breast enlargement is one of the symptoms of liver disease. One can cure liver ailments with milk thistle in such cases. This improves liver function and reduces breast size. Milk thistle seeds can be crushed, and three cups of water can be added to the mixture. Adding honey is also an option. The combination will help you achieve your goals if you drink it regularly.

Dietary Sources of Zinc

The body produces more testosterone when it consumes foods rich in zinc. Therefore, zinc-based foods are a must for people who exercise intensely. Among the healthy foods to consume are cashews, raisins, oysters, lobsters, and chickpeas. Zinc supplements can also be taken.

Bathing in Epsom salts

As Epsom Salt detoxifies the body, it minimizes breast enlargement by balancing hormonal levels. A person does not need to consume anything to use this remedy. The swelling can be reduced by taking a 15-minute Epsom Salt Bath. Three times a week is recommended for best results.

Foods Rich in Vitamin E

Antioxidants and polyunsaturated fatty acids are abundant in vitamin E foods. This reduces the oxidative damage caused by free radicals. The consumption of Vitamin E foods also restricts the activity of an enzyme that works as an antagonist to estrogen receptors. As a result, the body’s estrogen levels are reduced.

Green Tea

Antioxidants in green tea promote detoxification. Furthermore, it facilitates fat burning. Therefore, breast fat decreases as well. Therefore, drink four to five cups of green tea daily. To maximize green tea’s effects, you can add some ginger slices.

Red Clover

Red clover is beneficial in treating issues related to Gynecomastia. The flavonoids in red clover help to speed up the metabolism of estrogen. It is, therefore, possible to restore normal testosterone and estrogen levels by consuming red clover.


Gynecomastia can only be alleviated with home remedies. Unfortunately, these home remedies sometimes prove futile, especially in severe stages. Additionally, they must be practised for a long time to be effective.

Males may develop extra breast tissue from hormonal imbalances caused by medical conditions. In addition, many health conditions are related to kidney, liver, and thyroid failure. Therefore, doctors recommend that these issues be resolved as soon as possible to minimize Gynecomastia risks. 

A liposuction or gland excision procedure from Max Healthcare Group can yield more promising results. However, a surgical procedure offers better results and ensures a faster recovery. Get more information about these procedures by contacting us today. 

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