Insurance Samadhan Complete Guide: Claim Insurance Money | Know Top 7 Services With Process

The term ‘Insurance Samadhan’ is enough to indicate the real connotation behind it. Every single native of India is rushing towards the insurance. To protect their life along with their family, the ordinary mass prefers to do insurance. However, scams and scandals in this digital era have expanded their net everywhere.

Signing for insurance is easy but claiming the money at the end becomes complicated for some policyholders. They have to toil a lot for gaining their money from that insurance. To rescue the money from the scam, the only saviour is the Insurance Samadhan.

About Insurance Samadhan

Insurance Samadhan Complete Guide: How to Claim Insurance Money? Know Process Reviews

It’s a fact that insurance becomes the shield of everyone’s life. Insurance can protect its policyholders from unwanted suffering. Still, numerous people are struggling to get subsidies from insurance at their required time. Policyholders become distressed by the sequel of rejection or scams. Therefore, Insurance Samadhan is the best to assist all those cheated policyholders.

It was 2018 when the journey of this Insurance Samadhan began in India. From the initial stage, their only mission is to guide the mistreated policyholders. They have a collection of experts in the legal and insurance fields to provide the proper guidance. When they directly initiated their work with various insurance companies, they realized that many people are facing issues and filing their confidence on insurance. In this matter, they actively have inaugurated many steps to reclaim the money.

Insurance Samadhan Services:-

Insurance Samadhan Complete Guide: How to Claim Insurance Money? Know Process Reviews
Insurance Samadhan Complete Guide: How to Claim Insurance Money? Know Process Reviews
  1. Misselling of Insurance Policy: Have you any doubt about your policy. It is a bitter truth that there are many fraud cases and misspelling of insurance policies. You are not a single sufferer. The number of suffering people in these cases is uncountable. With our three years of experience in the market, we have found many ways in which the policyholders mis-sold the policy.

Here are the ways your insurance policy can be mis-sold to you:

  • They promise to provide loans for which you have to pay no interest if you keep your insurance policy on your mortgage.
  • If you are dissatisfied with the service that your agent is providing that promise you to give back the commission on your policy to you.
  • They often trap you with the idea of tower installation.
  • They promise the insurance holders to provide free health insurance cards.
  • Sometimes being attracted by a regular income the senior citizens sold high-value policies.
  • They promise that if the policy lapses there is a bonus that can be claimed.
  • They insist you sell fixed deposits in a bank.

If you are a sufferer of insurance miss-selling, don’t get panicked. We have managed to give justice to out 14000 consumers. When you suspect any insurance fraud you may give us an opportunity. We will try our best to support you to get rid of these insurance frauds and give you justice.

Insurance Samadhan Complete Guide: How to Claim Insurance Money? Know Process Reviews
  1. Claim Rejection: If your claim is rejected it can be challenged again. Here are the reason before getting your claim to be rejected:
  • When you fail to provide relevant information your claim might be rejected.
  • If you have not paid your premiums on time it causes your claim rejection.
  • When you are unwilling to have medical tests your claim might be rejected.
  • If the details of your nominee are wrong your claim gets rejected.
  • When you are claiming for such a thing that is not included in the insurance policy it is rejected.
  • If you are too late to claim it can be rejected.

The possible ways to avoid these issues are as follows:

  • You have to provide all the necessary information at the time of buying the policy.
  • You must pay your premiums timely.
  • You have to do all the required tests that the insurance needs.
  • You must read all your policy documents carefully before buying them. You should also read the terms and conditions of the policy.
  • You should fill out your policy document yourself. If there is any change in the nominees inform the agent.

We are always there to help you until your claim is solved. We will even help you to solve any legal issues so that you can get your claim.

  1. Delay in Claim Process: There is nothing more irritating than this when your claim process is delayed. In spite, if holding insurance you have to spend a lot of money. Again the reimbursement is delayed. Now with the blessing of digitization, the verification and document sharing process has become very easy. There should no issue in getting your insurance claim approval. The approval depends on the efficiency of the insurance company and its administration.
  2. Lapsed Policy: our policy gets lapsed if we do not pay the premiums timely. When the policy lapses the insurance holder will not get any benefit from the insurance. You have to pay all the dues within two years otherwise they will lapse.
  3. Policy Rejection: I’d you are suffering from any disease disclose it while buying the policy. If you do not do this your policy might be rejected.
  1. Service Issues: For changing nominee, address, or any other services that you require you may feel free to contact us.
  2. NRI Services: Insurance Samadhan is always there to serve the NRIs also. There are two few systems to offer the NRIs services:
  • They have to pay INR 3500 annually for a subscription.
  • INR 1000 service fees

Registration Process:-

Insurance Samadhan Complete Guide: How to Claim Insurance Money? Know Process Reviews
  • First, visit the website of Insurance Samadhan “
  • Secondly, you will be given a blank form to bled up. Write your name phone number and email. Even you have to provide your policy type, number, and the statement of your issue. Or you can also make a call to their toll-free number.
  • After finishing the form, click on ‘Submit’.
  • Thirdly, you’ll be inquired about your case and asked to show all the documents. After reviewing your case, if they consider it a crucial issue they will proceed with the case.


If you are struggling hard to claim your money, immediately contact the team of Insurance Samadhan, or can visit their official portal for details. They never demand any advance amount or a hidden charge. If you can resolve the issue, you will be asked to allow a 12% commission and original feedback.

FAQ About Insurance Samadhan:-

Where is the head office of Insurance Samadhan located?

The main centre is in New Delhi. But they have customers from every corner of India.

How many days they will take to solve a case?

They generally take 20 to 30 days to solve a case. But if there is any serious legal issue, then it will be much time-taking. Minimum 3 months are required to settle.

Can you share the details of the contact of Insurance Samadhan?

You can physically attend the following address:

Insurance Samadhan
A-31, 4th floor, Infraline Tower, Sector 3, Noida – 201301
Or can contact:
Phone Number: 95136-31312

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