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If you reside in Pakistan, shopping online is an excellent option to save time and money. You can browse through a large range of products you can pick up at any time and then have them delivered to your residence. Along with making your life easier, Online Shoping in Pakistan with free home delivery will eliminate the need for work, like visiting physical shops.


Daraz offers an online platform in Pakistan that has more than 30000 sellers. Pakistan’s biggest e-commerce marketplace handles more than 100 million dollars in transactions every month. Daraz is a pioneer in internet-based shopping within Pakistan and has expanded to meet the needs of customers and brands. Daraz is well-known as a convenient, safe, and secure shopping method.

Daraz provides a wide range of international and local products, including electronics and clothing. A lot of items are offered at a discount price. The site also features blogs that provide helpful suggestions and advice on buying online. Certain items can be purchased at a price of just a few Rupees. Another great alternative for shopping online for items in Pakistan is the Goto One-stop online marketplace for shopping that offers no-cost home delivery and a guarantee of satisfaction with the purchase.

Daraz is accessible across Android as well as IOS platforms. It offers a custom shopping experience based on your preferences and your interests. Videos of Daraz’s online purchasing experience can be watched on YouTube and will provide insight into the process. You can find an updated watch, a fresh pair of shoes, or even the latest iPhone. Daraz has everything. Daraz’s mobile application is not just for iPhones. Daraz Mobile app has forums for community members and an online shopping mall.

Daraz also provides a variety of different payment methods, such as cash-on-delivery. Daraz has over forty million Internet users, and millions of visitors visit the website each month.


CyberMart offers an online marketplace offering thousands of products from various sellers. You can buy branded clothing, electronic items, food, and many more. The website offers free shipping as well as a variety of discounts. The customer service staff on the website is helpful and knowledgeable. Furthermore delivery is fast and efficient.

The booming economy of Pakistan has led many retailers to use the internet to sell their products. Since the advent of smartphones, shopping online is becoming more well-known in Pakistan. In the process, Pakistan has become the second largest country in South Asia for online shopping. The State Bank of Pakistan projects that sales from e-commerce will grow two-fold over the next few years.

CyberMart provides free home delivery, and several online stores offer a variety of merchandise. Some subcategories cater to women’s and men’s clothing, electronics, health, beauty, and toys for kids. The site also offers many stationery, books, and other grocery items.

CyberMart offers a variety of payment options, such as cash on delivery, debit card, credit card, and bank transfer. Customers are also able to check the seller’s ratings before making purchases.


If you’re looking for an online shopping portal that is one stop in Pakistan, You might want to explore Qmart. The site provides a convenient and safe shopping experience and no-cost home delivery. Buying kitchenware, electronic household products, travel accessories, organizers, and baby items is possible! Additionally, the site provides weekly sales.

More and increasing numbers of people are going to internet-based shopping in Pakistan. It’s easy to locate the products you want, browse the complete specifications, see pictures and prices, and then place your order in just a few clicks. The majority of orders are delivered the next day. This means you do not have to be in long lines in the mall.

The site also offers discount coupons and discounts. Sophie has been operating in the world of e-commerce since. The site offers various products and services, such as household appliances, mobile devices, office equipment, electronics, and self-care products. The website sells affordable prices for international brands on the local market. Customers can search through various televisions, home theaters, and video games.

Daraz is the top online retailer in Pakistan. With more than 100 categories, Daraz provides both international and local brands. The site also offers old electronic gadgets. The service is available to areas in rural areas as well as small cities, which could be useful if you don’t have the luxury of driving to the nearest shopping mall.


One of the top eCommerce websites with the most traffic in Pakistan, Yayvo offers a vast selection of goods and a range of discounts. With the complimentary home delivery option, cash-on-delivery, and simple returning policy, Yayvo is a great choice for convenience, affordable prices, and authenticity. You can buy almost anything on the site, including clothing, electronics, and many other items.

Shopping online in Pakistan is now more popular than ever, and many online stores sell a large selection of items at low costs. You can shop for products from all over the world and make your purchase anytime in the morning or evening. Many of these stores provide free delivery to your home, and you can purchase your items using cash on delivery!

The mobile application of Yayvo is very simple and provides an extremely convenient method to shop. It works flawlessly using a Wi-Fi or data connection. It lets you customize your profile. It also allows you to maintain track of all your purchases and the history of your purchases. You can also utilize the app to get in touch with customer support if you have any queries. Yayvo offers the option of live chat support along with share buttons that allow users to share their purchases with family and friends.

Yayvo also provides a free home delivery service in Pakistan. The speedy delivery of the company is another benefit. With TCS operating Yayvo’s operation, Yayvo will deliver the items you purchase promptly and efficiently. The company’s customer service representatives are always available via email or phone; you can reach them via the official website.


AliExpress is among the most visited websites across Pakistan to shop online. It has more than 60 million active customers and is Pakistan’s second-largest online retailer. It features merchandise from both vendors and manufacturers all over the globe. Most of the items are available at a discount and shipped to Pakistan at no cost.

Shipping times differ based on location. AliExpress utilizes four different methods to deliver items. The first method can take around 21 days and generally comes with free delivery to your home. The second one will require you to pay a delivery cost. EMS and DHL have faster delivery times. However, they are more expensive. You can find out the estimated delivery time of your parcel by calling an individual seller.

AliExpress is available in more than 100 countries and is the fastest-growing e-commerce marketplace within South Asia. Additionally, it is an authentic marketplace and has been approved by the federal government. It’s easy to purchase items and then deliver them to your doorstep. You can also sell old electronics and gadgets.

AliExpress can accept customers from many regions of the globe and offers a different language version of its mobile application. In addition, its prices are considerably lower than other online retailers. This is a benefit if you are looking to buy expensive products.


Shopyourz is among the biggest shopping sites online in Pakistan that offers a wide range of merchandise at wholesale costs. Besides offering an array of goods, Shopyourz is also a wholesale market hub, bringing wholesale shops across Pakistan. Its cutting-edge technology makes it a practical option for companies to increase their online sales. Additionally, it’s accessible both on mobile and desktop computers.

The free delivery service is an integral aspect of shopping online in Pakistan. It’s convenient and efficient. It removes the necessity of visiting physical stores and provides amazing discounts on special occasions. It also offers an easy method of contacting trustworthy and authenticated vendors.

Shopping online in Pakistan is growing rapidly in the market. The number of websites selling online in Pakistan has grown consistently over the past couple of years. However, this growth isn’t without its challenges. Experts predict that the amount of transactions made online in Pakistan will grow by an average of 2% per year, reaching more than $1 billion by 2020. However, many shoppers are skeptical regarding the security and convenience of shopping online.

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