Shriram General Insurance Company | Complete Guide, Benefits and Reviews

Do you know about Shriram General Insurance Company? It is a trustworthy insurance company which gives us assurance about various things. This company was founded in 1974. It is a joint investment between Shriram Capital Ltd. and Sanlam Limited(South Africa). The common insurance company earned the license from IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority Of India)and become the best insurance supporter of IRCTC. The business ideology of Shriram General Insurance is to provide its duties to the hugest number of the general public.

Shriram General Insurance Company | Complete Guide Benefits and Reviews

The General Insurance Company proceeds to point on dealing with the needs of its buyers, promoting the talent and getting a homegrown technology outlet to serve the impoverished regions of the nation. This strategy of the company has assured its strong development and sustainability for more than three decades. To make this mission, the company is always giving outstanding attention to the creative products and applications of the latest IT developments in its undertakings. It has accelerated the company’s methods and improved customer achievement to a great level.

Shriram General Insurance Methods

This renowned insurance company proposes a broad range of general insurance explanations containing Motor Insurance, Travel insurance, Fire insurance, Home insurance, Marine insurance, Liability insurance, Rural insurance, Engineering insurance, and further that is constructed to fit every need, every minute and every circumstance. All the insurance treatments proposed by the general insurance company are reasonable and extensive risk cover, due to which they earn widely recognized by the customers.

Shriram general insurance company carries its existence in 209 locations across the country,

There are more than 60,000 attached professionals with whom the company has been capable to deliver more than 12 million customers till today. All these terrific numbers have led the company to evolve into the fastest growing multi-line and the first option general insurance company in our country. However, such extraordinary pictures are achieved by the company with an enormous network of more than 2,000 network garages across the country to develop to provide instant employment to its policyholders.

Shriram General Insurance Monetary Matters

Shriram General Insurance Company | Complete Guide Benefits and Reviews

The Gross Written Premium for the economical year 2019 to 2020 was reported as Rs. 2466 crore against Rs. 2356 crore for the financial year 2018-19. During the year, the company maintained its main focus on the concession of Motor Third group’s claims and finalized around 15000 assertion insurance cases. The revenue after tax of the general insurance company was boosted from Rs. 663 crores to Rs. 741 crores.

Why Shriram General Insurance is so famous?

Shriram General Insurance is loaded with an extent of benefits that policyholders buy with its insurance policies. Here are a few steps which signify the advantages of buying an insurance plan from Shriram General Insurance.

  1. Easy Claim Procedure – Shriram General Insurance intends to answer back quickly to your desires and handles your declaration in a prompt and hassle-free procedure. The online claim method of the company contains a claim registration, questing claim status, uploading articles etc.
  2. Fast Renewal Process – The revival process required by the Shriram General Insurance is quick, online, and natural. To restore an insurance policy, you just have to arrive at your policy number to continue. After that, pay for the policy after earning essential changes in it.
  3. 24×7 Customer Assistance – The consumer support board of the general insurance company is constantly ready to deliver you and procure your assistance in the time of emergency. You must call us at the toll-free number of the company at 1800-300-30000.

Shriram General Insurance Product Portfolio

Shriram General Insurance Company | Complete Guide Benefits and Reviews

1. Shriram Car Insurance Policy

Shriram car insurance plan contributes to your payment for your car against the compulsory third party detriment as well as against the devastations and losses incurred by your car due to accidents, theft, flame, cyclones or riots. In addition to these, the insurance company requires affordable add-on covers to make you satisfy the enhanced content and safety.

The car insurance add-on covers comprise zero devaluation cover, return to invoice, key alternate, roadside assistance and so on.

2. Shriram Commercial Automobile Insurance

A commercial automobile is not just a great value asset but also valued ownership. However, it is important to protect your valuable possession with an insurance plan. Shriram’s commercial automobile policy can bring coverage against the necessary third-party liability as well as against the injuries and losses sustained by your vehicle due to fire, accidents, theft, riots, flood, earthquakes etc.

3. Shriram Home Insurance Policy

The home insurance policy provides you with coverage for harm and loss to your house and the house’s capacities. It is a commitment between the owner of the house and the insurance company, where the protected person or policyholder guarantees to pay a fixed amount of reward to get covered against surprising losses comprehended by the insurer which may include fire, earthquakes, lightning, floods, theft, burglary and so on. The insurance company gives some add on covers which can help you improve the coverage of your home insurance.

4. Shriram Travel Insurance Policy

A trip insurance plan is required by the Shriram General Insurance and delivers cover for your overall trip wherever you go globally. It is constructed to suit the provision of an individual who has attempted an overseas travel insurance policy for the reason of entertainment holiday or business. It protects you from several types of damages or mishappenings which might occur during the journey such as penalty of baggage, medical expenses, trip cancellation, loss of passport etc.

Additionally, Shriram General Insurance gives some different insurance plans like Fire insurance, Burglary insurance, Marine insurance, Liability insurance, Engineering insurance, Business protector plan etc.

The Benefits of Shriram General Insurance

Shriram General Insurance Company | Complete Guide Benefits and Reviews

1. Online Features

The online platform is a huge part of our life. It is the most developed platform that provides data in abundance. You can evolve more knowledgeable with every single inspiration respecting inclusion, additional characteristics, exclusions, and key highlights as per terms and conditions. With the online

characteristics, you can certainly get the information about bike insurance from the options accessible and benefit from the policy just by staying at home. You must fill up all the generic items. You need to choose a plan from the list and at last pay for your chosen insurance plan.

The insured person gives an e-policy document upon opting for the acceptable policy. You can also pay money through the online mode such as credit and debit cards, google pay, UPI, net banking etc.

2. Large Network of Cashless Garages

Shriram general Two wheeler insurance provides a huge range of cashless garages all over India. You should inform all the insurers about the destruction of the vehicle and your vehicle has been taken away to other garages.

How do you Apply for Shriram General Insurance?

  • Goto Shriram insurance company’s official website: “
  • First, you inform the company about the road accidents/ fire accidents / natural accidents etc.
  • As soon as possible you can call on the toll-free number 1800-300-30000 or submit the claim form available on their website.

Awards and Achievements

This famous insurance company has been invariably admired for its user-centric technique and innovative insurance explanations on different award forums. Some important awards and recognitions of the general insurance company are:

  1. Excellence in Growth Award 2012
  2. CELENET India Insurance Awards 2011
  3. Amiable Insurer in the Non-life Insurance 2018


If you’re puzzled about choosing the right insurance company for you, go through this entire article.

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