Supreme Choices You Should Make To Choose Monitoring App For Android To Record Phone Calls

I am a businessman and if you know a thing or two about a businessman, they are always finding ways to double their money. So following the typical path I opened a small store in my hometown as well. Though I knew that it will not make that much profit like my other store as the location is kind of rural but still, my grandma insisted. So the other thing that most people do not know about businessmen is that though most of the time they make decisions with their minds but sometimes they use their hearts as well and roughly every time these decisions cost them much. So that is what happened to me as well.

As I mentioned the location of the store was remote so the monitoring was not done like in the other stores. The store manager was a skilled person but still, the part-timer was the teen recommended by the grandma. He was a good boy who was going through a rough patch and needed supervision and guidance to stay on the right path.

He was also a big helping hand to the grandma in the town as well so the bug reference made me hire him as well. Long story short he was not a good guy. Because of his circumstance and may be easygoing nature he was stealing money now and then from grandma, his next target was the store. So it started happening right away as soon as he joined the store.

  • According to shocking statistics, retail stores are the target of almost 23 million people for stealing.
  • 20% of Adult shoplifters have confessed that they started to steal as teenagers. That means the habit starts at a minor age.

The kid was continuously stealing and despite our utmost efforts, he was not getting caught. That showed he was a pro in what he was doing. The manager told me that most of the time he is busy on phone and that is when I thought of a solid plan to capture him red-handed. I was told that there were monitoring app for android to record phone callsand for monitoring employees for the work-related purpose that saves all the activities for the user.

I thought of getting one app. This was a huge process but I was in a hurry so instead of letting the IT team handle all the research I participated in it as well. I made the right choice but before going to that let me give you some tips that can help you in choosing the best app for employee monitoring.

  • The first and basic thing is that you should make a clear mind about what kind of feature you want for the employee monitoring app. For example, I wanted an monitoring app for anroid to record phone calls as a starter but also needed an app that does not let the target know about the monitoring thing. I found the TheOneSpy that fulfiled both of my wishes.
  • Next, my target was to get an app that is not limited to a specific place or operating system. I wanted to expand the employee monitoring through the app program to all the branches. So I need an monitoring app for android to record phone call for both android and iPhone. Again TheOneSpy was a good choice as they offer different versions both for android and iPhone users.
  • Next besides other interesting things you know about a businessman, another important point is that they don’t like to waste their money. So though I needed an monitoring app for android to record phone calls and other features that can help me to track my employee’s activities I was not ready to waste money. I need an economical app that not only covers all of my needs and wishes but also does not cost me a fortune. TheOneSpy spy app is the supreme choice in that criteria as well as they offer a very economical bundle for the users.

I caught him right away after I started using the TheOneSpy phone spy app. He had a whole team and they were not just stealing money they were also stealing products from the store. He would always call the gang when the manager was not around. Keep in mind that the employer can only monitor the employees through a company-owned device Read more

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