Tips to Design Attractive-Looking Custom Shirt Boxes

The shirt business is a prosperous one for those brands that make quality shirts. There are many brands selling shirts and it can be overwhelming trying to stand out in front of these. One effective way that you can do this is by focusing on custom shirt boxes or the packaging of the shirt. The packaging is important because if you can design it to stand out, people can notice your product and think about buying the shirt. However, you have to know how to design the box allowing it to be perfect.

The following gives you some tips on how to design shirt boxes that can attract:

Box should be strong

You should choose shirt boxes wholesale that are strong. They should be able to protect the shirt from any external influence that can harm it. This may include germs, dust, dirt, etc. You have to aim to make the product arrive in the best of condition to shoppers. If the box is strong it can remain in one shape and keep the shirt safe.

Some packaging materials that will be good for the shirt include cardboard, corrugated cardboard, Kraft. You will be able to make a box that will protect the shirt. On top of this, you can show your brand in a good way as one that creates quality products.

Must be the correct size and shape

You must get shirt boxes bulk that is the right size and shape. These will also keep the shirt safe. When a customer opens a really large box and sees a small shirt within, their expectations will be broken. You need to avoid doing this also because you will be spending more money on the extra packaging material.

Get the perfect size box that will keep the shirt safe and even show your brand positively. The shape of the box can be a unique one as this will help it stand out. It should be perfect for the shirt as well despite being unique in shape.

Increase brand awareness

The custom shirt boxes that can increase brand awareness will be helping a brand market itself. You should add a brand logo on the box for this purpose. It must be a logo that you add to the packaging of all your products. Make sure that the logo looks professional and is noticeable.

You may even add contact information about your company on the box allowing it to be easier for shoppers to contact it if they want to buy more shirts. You can add the physical address, phone number, email address, etc. on the packaging.

Design to attract your potential customers

You should focus on designing shirt boxes wholesale that will attract your potential customers if you want more people to buy the product. Here you will need to research what draws their attention and then design the box accordingly.

For instance, if you are selling shirts for girls, the packaging design can look girly and feminine. If the shirts are for men, it is better to opt for a more decent packaging design.

Select the correct style box

When choosing which shirt boxes bulk to get, keep the product in mind and which box it will suit. For instance, if you want shoppers to easily see the shirt before buying it, choose a window box. People will want to see the shirt therefore this box will be effective. If you want the box to be easy to hold, you can opt for a gable box.

Details about the shirt

On the packaging, you should tell details about the shirt. For instance, you can state what fabric it is off, its size, how to wash it, etc. These details are important as they give information on the product and make people consider buying it. But, you should only add the important information as too many details will not look pleasant on the box.

Custom shirt boxes can help market and advertise the brand and product when you make these boxes perfectly. You should choose to get a strong box and then design it so that your customer base will notice it and want to buy the shirt.

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