Top 10 Health Insurance Companies In The US

While grabbing a health plan which supports maximum health coverage, one must invest in top companies. According to NAIC’s research result here Top 10 Health Insurance Companies and their services are enlisted below in detail:

10. Independence Health Group :

The headquarter of Independence Health group is situated in Philadelphia, PA in the United States. This company has more than ten thousand employees all over the location. The market share of this company is 1.6% and the average written premium is $20.1 billion. This company serves different types of employer groups, from small enterprises to high corporations.

Independence health groups serve almost 10 million clients in 27 different states in Columbia. Starting from Medicare this company serves third-party management, Medicaid medical coverage, pharmacy benefits, renowned network hospital coverage, commercial coverage, and compensation for the workers. Independence Health Group is an individual sister company of Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.


  1. World wide availability.
  2. Easy to avail.


  1. Sometimes delays the services.

9. Molina Healthcare Inc. :

Molina Healthcare also keeps itself among the top health insurance companies in the US. The market share of this company is 1.7% and the average written premium is $21,4 billion. The headquarter of Molina Healthcare is situated in Long Beach, California, United States. This company provides its service in many places, such as California, Florida, Rico, Wisconsin, etc.

The focus of this company is mainly on government-sponsored healthcare for individuals or selected families. Molina directly contracts with the state government and provides services to the customers. The company offers a special Medicare package for some selected eligible customers for have Medicaid and Medicare.


  1. Affordable coverage of Medicaid and Medicare plans.
  2. The popular mobile app is very easy to use.


  1. Molina is bounded in particular countries mentioned above.
Top 10 Health Insurance Companies In The US

8. Cigna Health :

Cigna health corporation is a global health care insurance company with almost 70,000 employees. The headquarter of this company is situated in Bloomfield, Connecticut, US. The market share of the company is 2.5% and the average written premium is $31.8 billion. It provides worldwide services and verities health plans across twelve states.

Cigna offers health insurance in Arizona, Mississippi, Kansas, Virginia, Tennessee, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Illinois, and Missouri. This company offers health care to companies and multinational corporate houses with a bunch of benefits. This company offers a package of vision, dental, behavioural health, Medicare, Medicaid, and other supplemental health.

⦁ Pros-

1. Home delivery is available.

2. Early and easy access in an emergency.

⦁ Cons-

1. High deductibility

7. CVS :

CVS health care is a health insurance company that provides healthcare with a motto to help people for better health. The headquarter of this company is situated in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, United States. The speciality of CVS is their pharmacy services for every single individual with chronic diseases like cardiac problems, lung diseases, kidney disease, cancer, etc.

The market share of CVS is 5.5% and the average written premium is $69 billion. CVS has 100 million policyholders who get special pharmacy care and prescription drug plans.


  1. Special pharmacy coverage.
  2. Super-speciality coverage.
  3. Active care for chronic patients.


  1. Sometimes lack of providing services.

6. Aetna International Inc. :

Founded in 1853, Aetna International provides a range of global health plans for worldwide international citizens. The headquarter of this company is situated in Hartford, Connecticut, U.S. This company shares 5.54% in the market and the average written premium is $60.6 billion. There are near about fifty thousand employees in this company. The service of this company has expanded over 50 states.

Atena offers a premium drug plan prescripted by doctors and this plan is available in 264 places in the U.S. Another specific plan that Aetna offers is coverage for hearing, vision, dental, and supplements. It is considered by many people in the US that Aetna International is an excellent healthcare insurance provider.


  1. Available in 50 different states.
  2. Variety of dental plans.

⦁ Cons-

  1. The online experience is not uniform sometimes.

5. Humana :

At the first, the Humana company was care insurance but after that Humana starts health care insurance and spreads its business as a worldwide range. Humana was founded in the year of 1961. The headquarter of this company is situated in Louisville, Kentucky, United States. Humana shares 5.9 % of the market share and the average written premium is $73.9 billion.

It covers the package by providing whole-person health care experiences recognizing each family and its members. Humana serves its insurance holders every time and everywhere they need Humana.

⦁ Pros-

  1. High-quality plans.
  2. Highly available throughout the whole country.
  3. Well communicating to the customers.


  1. Sometimes some plans do not satisfy the customers.

4. Centene Corp. :

Centene Corp. is a multinational health care insurance that provides services in over 50 states and operates in 3 international markets. The headquarter of this company is situated in St. Louis, MO, U.S. Centene serves as a mediator for both privately insured health care and government-sponsored programs. The company was founded in the year of 1984. The company shares 6% in the market and the direct written premium is $75 billion.

Centene Corp. provides services like medicare, Medicaid, ACA health insurance health care, Correctional Healthcare, and Tricare throughout the 50 states. Health service, dental care, pharmacy service, behavioural health, home health, commercial health care, and the health care services are provided by the company.


  1. Large market policy coverage.
  2. Easily accessible in emergency need

⦁ Cons-

  1. Sometimes lack of communication with policyholders.

3. Anthem inc :

Anthem Inc is not only in the top 5 list but also believes in making the service easier for the policyholders. The company is committed to improving human lives and communities. The headquarter of this company is situated in. The company shares 6.2% in the market and the direct written premium is $76.9 billion.

Anthem inc serves more than 40 different places and 106 million people. And also serves 42 million families as the most inclusive, valuable, and innovative health care partner. The services of the company include health plan services, dental care (network-based), a variety of hybrids, specialty products, HMO, PPO, etc. Every individual member of this plan can avail of the needed package including flexible spending accounts and COBRA administration.


  1. Exclusive services.
  2. Great communication providing.
  3. Various choosing options.


  1. Sometimes costly for varieties options.

2. Kaiser Foundation :

Sometimes known as The Henry J. Kaiser Foundation the company focuses on major health care issues all over the United States. The headquarter of this company is situated in San Francisco. This non-profit health care organization has 8.3% of the market share and the direct written premium is $104.2 billion.


  1. High consumer satisfaction
  2. Great range of coverage.
  3. Good choice for senior citizens


  1. A bit costly.

1. United Health :

United Health is the largest and topmost health insurance company in the United States. It has a wide range market share that stands at almost 14.2% and the average written premium of this company is $176.7 billion. This company and its group invest more than $4 billion in their innovation and technology to make the services more effective. The headquarter of United Health is situated in Minnetonka, Minnesota, United States.

This company serves the people of the US and more than 130 countries through their two distinct party lines. The healthcare-related coverage, benefits, and services are provided by United Healthcare whereas Optum provides the informational and technological healthcare services to the clients.

⦁ Pros-

  1. No one goes bankrupt from medical fees.
  2. Everyone gets the same level of care.
  3. Easy to avail in an emergency.

⦁ Cons-

  1. A bit expensive.

Conclusion :

Whenever buying a health plan always go to take it from the top 10 list. Have a health plan and live safely.

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