Top 5 Alternatives Of Practice Fusion – You Should Know About

Having pain in your back can be debilitating and can also be very frustrating. However, there are many different alternatives to physical therapy. These options can include WebPT, eClinicalWorks EMR, SimplePractice, Kareo, and TherapyNote.


Whether you’re a doctor or a practice manager, Kareo is one of the best EHR (Electronic Health Record) solutions you can buy. This medical software is designed to help you streamline the billing process, manage patient records, and more. With a comprehensive set of features, Kareo is easy to use.

Kareo is available for Windows, Mac, and iOS. Besides being easy to use, Kareo offers a full range of functionalities, from e-prescribing to lab coordination. It’s also a good choice for small practices.

Kareo’s e-prescribing feature makes it easy to save money on prescriptions for your patients. The software will suggest the best places to buy medications. Moreover, it will automatically upload photographs of visible conditions.

The software also has a telemedicine feature that lets you schedule video conferencing visits. You can also send automatic appointment reminders.

Choosing an EMR is a complicated task. You have to do thorough research and evaluate various features, including customer service and support.

If you want to be more productive in your clinic, you can consider Curogram, a web-browser-based EHR that can connect with other EHRs. The software can also send customized reminders to patients. Moreover, it can filter questions based on your patient’s location or medical field.

Another feature of Kareo is the e-intake form, which helps you collect data from your patients without the hassle of having to hand them a paper form. You can use filters to select specific illnesses, appointment types, and other details.

One of the biggest problems for healthcare providers is coordinating patient information. With a telemedicine solution, you can centralize patient data and schedule visits without the hassle of having to manually input data into your practice management system.


eClinicalWorks is one of the leading EHR solutions on the market. This system allows for enhanced patient care and medical management. It’s built on a secure cloud-based server to keep your patient data safe. The platform also ensures a higher level of uptime and greater access to information.

In addition to scheduling and charting, eClinicalWorks also offers automated tasks and a virtual assistant. This assistant helps clinicians with their flowsheets and weighted progress notes. The system also offers data analytics. It allows patients to access their personal health records, lab results, and more. eClinicalWorks also provides customizable reminders and messaging campaigns.

eClinicalWorks’ centralized system of patient records and analytics helps improve the quality of care and increase revenue. This system is also used to enhance customer satisfaction. It’s a great asset for many medical providers. It is HIPAA-compliant and has a high level of security. It’s also a great option for small practices.

eClinicalWorks offers free initial training for up to nine providers. This system also has a subscription plan based on per-provider, per-month costs. This plan includes robust communication systems, a free E&M coder, and free access to faxing software. It also includes tracking external messaging.

Although eClinicalWorks has a high level of functionality, it can be cumbersome to navigate. Users have reported bugs and system issues. In addition, many users felt oversold on the product by the sales team.

eClinicalWorks is a good choice for smaller practices. It is also an average-price EHR system. It provides the functionality necessary for most medical situations. However, it does require add-ons and custom development. It also does not offer an Android app. In addition, some users felt that it was hard to communicate with the support team.


Founded in 2008, WebPT is an EMR-EHR software system designed to meet the needs of physical therapists. The company has built its success on a cloud-based platform and provides a wide range of features. It is suitable for both large and small healthcare organizations.

WebPT offers users the ability to share important documentation and patient information, such as medical records and prescriptions. Provides secure and accurate claims. It includes automated reminders, live two-way video for virtual therapy, and detailed activity logs. It is one of the best EMR systems for physical therapy.

The company has recently been acquired by Allscripts. The company has also quietly announced that it is shifting away from the free model, which is sustained by ad sales. A new model has been hinted at in March 2018. Despite this, customers are still able to use WebPT for free, or for a small fee, until the summer of 2018.

Practice Fusion EMR software system that provides users with a unified suite of essential features. These include workflows, population management, financials, and precision medicine. AIt also connects patients, physicians, and local labs. Includes an extensive library of industry-accepted tests.

Offers a wide range of features, but it can also be confusing. It’s slow, and the user interface is often cluttered. It’s also hard to implement, and there are frequent glitches.

The company’s practice management software consolidates patient records, secure faxes, and custom reports. Also simplifies billing. Has an e-prescribing feature, which lets users send prescriptions to any e-prescribing-enabled pharmacy in the US.

A mobile app, which improves communication and organization. However, it only supports Apple devices.


Using SimplePractice, health practitioners are able to manage appointments and patients. They can schedule and accept appointments, e-mail and accept paperless insurance forms, securely sync their calendars, and conduct video sessions. They can also request and receive paperwork from their mobile app.

The SimplePractice mobile app is great for scheduling appointments. Users can access and manage their data from a smartphone, tablet, or desktop. They can also set up AutoPay to make it easy to schedule appointments without having to remember payment.

SimplePractice is a well-established practice management software. It has a solid reputation for its robust features and ease of use. It is HIPAA compliant, so you can rest assured that patient information is safe.

SimplePractice’s free trial provides useful contact with the product’s features. Customers can choose between a monthly, annual, or provider license plan. During the free trial, users can test out the product’s most basic features.

SimplePractice is not a bad product, but it does not have as many features as its competitors. While it’s a great platform for small practices, it is not appropriate for large organizations.

There is a lot of hype around SimplePractice, but a closer look at its competitors indicates that there are a few more options. Some of the top alternatives to SimplePractice include Kareo, a Tebra Company, and CureMD.

SimplePractice’s leader has been vocal in changing how practices operate. He has also been an advocate for moving toward telehealth services. He’s built his software using an older software architecture. However, his team has yet to keep up with the latest innovations in the industry.

On the other hand, SimplePractice has a good reputation for customer service. However, the company does not offer live chat or phone support. Its customer service is located in a different part of the country.


Founded by a husband and wife team, TherapyNote was designed to help behavioral health clinicians organize their notes electronically. The software offers a full range of practice management tools, including an integrated calendar, electronic billing, and patient portal. This solution is ideal for solo or small clinics, as well as large enterprises.

TherapyNotes was founded by a web technologies expert. The company has since grown to become one of the leading EHR solutions for mental health professionals.

The user interface is easy to use and offers a professional look. TherapyNotes also offers an integrated calendar, which is useful for checking the availability of patients, reducing last-minute cancellations, and simplifying scheduling.

TherapyNotes offers electronic billing, which allows therapists to submit insurance claims electronically with one click. This saves time and ensures timely payment. The software also offers a variety of reports, including the ability to generate patient statements and ERAs from insurance companies.

TherapyNotes also offers electronic remittance advice and a video conferencing solution. These features allow clinicians to conduct video visits. TherapyNotes is HIPAA-compliant and accepts debit and credit cards.

TherapyNotes offers a free 30-day trial. The company also offers a discount for nonprofits and educational institutions. The platform also provides free training.

TherapyNotes also offers unlimited file storage. Patients can upload their files into the system, which can be downloaded into a PDF file. TherapyNotes also includes a patient portal, which allows clients to request appointments online. The patient portal also offers a list of patients matched to the user’s profile.

TherapyNotes also has a free training platform. Behavioral health practitioners can access a variety of templates to create specialty notes, intake forms, psychological evaluations, and treatment plans. The calendar can also be customized to work with specific patients’ schedules. The software also offers an automatic appointment reminder.

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