Top 5 Lock Replacement Options a locksmith can Offer

Security is an important factor nowadays, since we are constantly exposed to different types of dangers, the home is one of the places where security must be of quality and that is why a secure lock guarantees that our family and ourselves have adequate protection within our property.

There are different types of locks on the market that an experienced locksmith can adjust to our needs from the most conventional and reliable to the most modern models with high technology, but what type of lock is right for our home?

Among the various types of locks we can find:

Multipoint locks:

They can be considered the safest locks so far, thanks to its highly reinforced design, which prevents in most cases that the lock is forced with levers of some kind. These locks have a series of anchors at different heights of the door and are usually placed in armored doors; they are ideal for the front door of a house for its high degree of security.

Digital locks:

 The main purpose of this type of lock is to provide security to garages, public establishments, hotels, etc. The security system is diverse and can include security cards, which are the most popular, but more and more codes or tactile fingerprints are being used. This type of lock is not ideal for residential doors; however, we do not rule out the possibility of them making their way into the field of home security. In any case, a trusted locksmith will be able to explain which one is best for you.


This type of deadbolt allows us to increase the security of the door of your home without the need to change the lock, as they are added to the door at a different height from the lock. Thus, two keys are needed to access the interior of the house, reinforcing the security of the same. They are available in several models with one or several locking points and finishes such as brass, golden nickel and chrome.

Mortise locks:

These locks are also known by the name of mortise locks, they are among the most common in the entrance doors of most homes, you may know them as the main lock, to which, you can add other types of locks, such as the others mentioned to reinforce the security of your home. It lives up to its name because the lock is recessed in the door and you can only see the hole where the key is inserted. In addition, they can be installed on wood or metal doors.

Tubular locks:

This lock has a very interesting feature, which is that it can be locked from the inside by simply pressing a button, thus preventing third parties from entering a room. They are the most common in bedroom or bathroom doors, which offers a lot of privacy.Knowing this wide variety of locks, we can see the ones that fit our needs and give us what we are looking for, security. Although for that you must also have a real locksmith who is licensed and specialized to give you the best advice.

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