Top 7 Types of Construction Stones For Home And Their Properties

Constructed stones are quite famous for their durable structure and classic appearance. These stones enhance the look of your home as well as increase the shelf life of your home. Stone offers a tough look and is the perfect construction material. Generally, a few types of stones are available in the construction market such as marble, sandstone, slate, granite, etc. These stones are obtained from the processing of huge solid rocks. 

Each stone is made from different natural materials and has specific properties. For example, a certain type of stone has sturdiness and durability which is needed for huge construction work. Some stones are suitable for small construction work like gneiss. If you are looking for quality material for your home, you can find Indian Granite Slabs and Tiles Suppliers to get the most durable and natural construction material. In this article, you will get to know about the best quality stones used for home construction. 

1. Basalt Stone Home

It is the most burdensome stone used for minor construction like roads, bridges, railway tracks, dams, and walls. Its structure varies from medium to compact. It has excellent resistance to weather, moisture, and any other external force. The color of basal salt varies following environmental conditions. 

2. Granite

This stone is used for building construction like bridge piers, dams, curbs, and walls. Granite is also used by warriors and traditional people for monumental utilizations. Its structure is crystalline to scratchy grain. Granite is hard and durable. Its sturdiness is high. This stone has a low water absorption value and has quite good resistance to weathering. Granite has low resistance to fire that’s why it is not used for fireplaces. After using it as a construction material you have to polish it well and the color varies from light gray to pink. Many people use polished granite for table tops and kitchen shelves. 

3. Sandstone

For heavy structures, sandstones with silica cement are employed in many constructions. Sandstones are used for palace works, dams, and river walls. It is manufactured from quartz and feldspar. It can be found in colors like white, grey, brown, yellow, dark grey, and red. 

4. Slate

The look of the slates is magnificent and they have good construction properties which rely on their hardness, type, and thickness. Generally, it is used for rooftops, pavements, and slabs. It is made from a mixture of 3 minor elements like quartz, mica, and sand minerals. Its sturdiness is great and comes in many colors like dark grey and greenish grey. 

5. Marble

Marble is commonly used for ornamental construction work. It is used for flooring, columns, and steps as it gives a beautiful appearance. Marble stones have low strength and uniform texture. They are least porous and quite strong. Marble can be easily cut into any shape or size. Marble has a variety of colors according to your preference. 

6. Quartzite

Quartzite stones are used as building blocks and as aggregate. The shape of quartzite is fine to scratchy grain and granular. It is mainly made of mica (small quantities) and feldspar. The sturdiness of quartzite is dependent upon the type of quartzite stone. Generally, it is available in white, gray, and yellow. 

7. Travertine

Travertine is used for courtyards, paving, and paths. It has specific gravity and adequate strength. It has a concentric texture characterized by pitted holes and troughs. For a smooth and shiny finish, you can polish it. It comes in various colors from gray to coral-red.
Once you know about the various types of stones and their properties, you can easily discover the type of natural stone you need to construct your home. Natural stones are hard and durable which is why they are preferred by the experts like Indian Marble Supplier & Exporter to use for building material in any construction.

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