Visit these 6 Excellent Tourist Attractions in Palm Bogota

Colombia is a country that sits in the South American region, and it has splendid places to explore. Bogota, the capital region of Colombia, has bountiful destinations to travel. The abundance of wildlife in dense green woodland is unique about the place. Moreover, the busy routine of a metropolitan city makes it unique. 

Global tourists have found Bogotá a gem because you cannot count the surprise here. Ranges of places include waterfalls, landscapes, wildlife, national park, and more. 

When you visit here, don’t skip taking your time to be flexible with the high peaks of the city. If you are unsure what to discover in Bogota, we read our guide to a magnificent tour of the city. 

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The Zipaquirá Salt Cathedral

The Zipaquirá Salt Cathedral location resides in the 656 subversives in the Cundinamarca area. It is truly a never skip site when you are in Bogota. The local Musica residents created this place which was initially a salt colliery. Native citizens enhance the venue into a massive cathedral. However, significant revision and reinstatement took place in the 1990s. 

Visitors can enter from the vibrant and illuminated entrance. The venue has multiple arrangements of big rooms. These big rooms houses cross stations, spiritual symbols, and puppets. The end hall has a high-end cross. This wonderful place is valuable for locals, tourists, architecture s and engineers. 

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Guatavita is a sacred lake where you can learn about the history of El Dorado. The location is 3.1 km above sea level. The lake is the actual resemblance of El Dorado legend history. Moreover, Guatavita Lake is the oldest and most holy ritual place for Chibchiba residents. 

The ceremony took place whenever for the election of a leader. The contender got the gold dust coverage. The leaser would go underwater inside the shivering water. On the other hand, his follower would submit a contribution to the gold effigy by flinging them into the lake. 

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La Chorrera Waterfall 

La Chorrera Waterfall sits near the Choachi, and the hike to the 1935 feet waterfall is amazing in Bogota. Symbols give the direction to the track top from the central road within Chaochi and Bogota. While hiking to the waterfall, you will experience the beauty of abundant green fields. After that, you may reach the cloud forest. 

Take a break for half an hour and get refreshments from small restaurants over there. Following the journey, the Chiflon waterfall will also come on the way. Next to the Chiflon waterfall, the trail becomes constricted. During the trail, you will find many splendid attractions in Bogota. Moreover, different ranges of birds, landscapes, and orchids will reside here. Visit our JetBlue Airlines flight ticket booking website and confirm your tour to Bogota. 

Turistren de la Sabana

The Turistren is an old train that runs with the help of steam. It is a desirable method to visit Ziparquirá. 

The train only travels on Saturday and Sunday. It starts with the first sunray from Bogota’s majestic and impressive Sabana Train station. The travel crosses the area of Cajicá and La Caro on the way. You will see Usaquen in Bogotá’s north before reaching the end route of Zipaquirá.

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Hacienda Coloma

Hacienda Coloma is an active coffee farmhouse. The place is nearly one and half hour tour from Bogota. People who want to know about coffee manufacturing and processing can come here. Moreover, visitors can explore many tasty native products here.

In this one and half hours excursion to the coffee farm, you may get lots of information. The information is regarding all levels of the coffee manufacturing procedure. You will have plenty of information, from seed planting to roasting coffee beans. 

The technique and effort in coffee making procedure are superb. You will understand how many levels the coffee bean needs to overtake, from seed planting to your cup. 

Chicaque Parque Natural

The miniature Chicaque Parque Natural assembles only half an hour’s visit from Bogota. The site attracts through its obscure woodland, greenery, and dense ambiance. It houses 65 feet of finely spotted hiking treks. 

Here you can find camps and cabins for overnight stays. Visitors will adore the various bird species in the park. Environment freaks, botanical specialists, and nature lovers always like to visit this park. Here you can take the help of local guides who will help you know better about the whole avenue. 

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