Ways To Save Money By Renewing Old Items

How to deal with the pile of old things that are scattered all over the house, piled up in the closet? It’s a pity to throw it away, to keep it, it takes up space. Did you know those recycling old items not only helps your wallet to fill up but also contributes to protecting the environment? Here are great savings ideas from super cool recycling. Visit Here

Turning plastic bottles into plant pots

Instead of throwing them into the environment, there are many great ways to reuse plastic bottles. Just change the shape of the outside a little bit by cutting, painting, and choosing the right size plant. A trick that is not too sophisticated but has just helped you save money on buying potted plants. For optimal savings while still being aesthetically pleasing, you can use Wayfair coupon code 20 off any order for your recycled planters, it will be very impressive.

These beautiful little pots can be used to decorate the dining table, desk, balcony, or to plant spices in the kitchen… If you are a nature lover and like to have green spaces in this, you must have spent a lot of money. a lot of money for buying pots, planting trees. Now, with just discarded water bottles, you can green your indoor space at no extra cost.

Recycle old shirts into scarves

Old shirts make you feel boring, they are left in the corner of the closet waiting for liquidation. Do not rush to throw it away, with a little ingenuity, you can turn old shirts into new scarves. Not only that, but you can also recycle old jeans into bags, old shirts into cute dresses that are not inferior to the shop.

Baggy men’s shirts can be turned into trendy two-pieces for girlfriends or transformed into rare, hard-to-find vintage pillowcases to adorn the sofa in the house.

Make a flower vase from an empty milk can

If the family has elderly people or young children, there will be a lot of milk cans. Very bulky empty milk cans take up a lot of storage space in the house. However, with just a little painting, you can recycle them into flower vases, which are very pretty and don’t even have to cost money to buy. 

You just need to tie a rope in the middle of the flower vases from milk cans to have a vase with rustic beauty made by your own hands.

Turn paper cups into impressive lampshades

After home parties, family picnics, if there are leftover paper cups, paper plates, plastic spoons, do not rush to throw them away. Paper cups can completely become a lovely new shirt for lampshades, dining table lamps, or living room lights. 

Instead of buying a night light, why not use discarded paper cups to make a lovely night light. This idea saves a lot of money on room decoration, festival decoration. You can add your favorite decorative patterns to the paper cups.

Mom makes a toy shelf for her children from paper cores

Surely you have never thought that the toilet paper rolls that you have thrown a lot in the trash. It can be recycled into funny toy shelves. If you have small children, help them make toys from these discarded paper cores.

You just need to gather the toilet paper cores, wrap them in a layer of cute colored paper. And then glue them together. So there is a lovely toy shelf to decorate the baby’s room. Depending on your creativity, you can combine rolls of paper to create a pen box or a small table…

If possible, invite your child to do the same! Take advantage of discount codes, Albee baby first responder discount to buy the stickers your child likes to decorate the toy shelf. With this saving idea, you can both decorate your baby’s room funnier. And teach your baby how to save and be creative from discarded items. It will be very meaningful and your baby will love to show it.

Dye the old items white shirt

If you are intending to throw away old, faded white shirts, stop. You can completely dye them new. Depending on your preferences, you can dye the whole thing, dye the horizontal line, or the pattern. One note is that you should be careful to dye the light color first. Then the dark color, and wait for the previous color to dry before dyeing the next color.

In addition, you can also be creative by rolling up the shirt, dividing the elastic into 6 corners. And painting each corner a different color to have a brand new rainbow t-shirt. This little trick will not only save you money on shopping but also brighten up your wardrobe.


Hopefully, these tips to save money by recycling old items will help you a lot. If you apply these ways, you can just make use of old and waste items into unique items. Both save money effectively and contribute to environmental protection. Don’t forget to follow bestinsuranceclub.com to update the latest and most useful articles.

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