What is YK-11

YK-11 is one of the SARMs (selective androgen receptor modulators), but its action differs radically from that of the other supplements of the group. The mechanism by which YK 11 works differs from other SARMs in that it blocks the hormone myostatin.

YK 11 has not been sufficiently studied in humans, so its use should be monitored. Good results often create a desire for a longer cycle, but should not be overdone. We’ve prepared answers to the most frequently asked questions to help you figure out if YK11 is right for you! Read more Legal Steroids for sale

Clinical trials on YK 11

Muscular atrophy is one of the first conditions in which this SARM was tested. Data show that it increases the mass of the injured muscle or muscle group after immobilization or following a serious illness.

Studies in mice have shown that YK-11 has a beneficial effect in the presence of sepsis (a purulent infection of the body). Mortality in sick mice dropped dramatically, and scientists discovered that this SARM has the potential to cure muscle weakness caused by bacterial sepsis and other conditions.

YK 11 Does Myostatin enter the doping list

Myostatin is on the border between SARM and a steroid. Its powerful action gives an exceptional advantage in strength sports and in professional sports circles in general. Due to its anabolic function, its use was banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency on December 12, 2012.

What are the benefits of Myostatin YK 11

Are you tired of giving 101% of yourself in the gym, but the results are half those of the coaches around you? We are all born unique and have different builds and muscles. This structure is mainly influenced by the genetic potential that we inherit from our parents.

Myostatin YK 11 has many benefits, but the most important is its ability to increase muscle mass to levels beyond genetic potential. That is to say, even if you are not generous and muscular, YK-11 can help transform your body forever. mk 677 results Bodybuilders often use this SARM for that.

It is suitable for people with a bad gene, who no matter how hard they train, don’t see a huge difference. What is remarkable with this SARM is that it breaks the muscle growth limit. Steroids work, but are also affected by the limit of Myostatin hormone in the body. However, YK-11 has the unique property of suppressing it and increasing the Folistatin peptide.

If you inherited a lean physique from your parents, a difficult increase in bodybuilding, or if you are middle-aged and your body is already very slowly getting into shape, YK-11 is for you! Here are its most common benefits:

  • Myostatin YK 11 doubles muscle building
  • Boosts endurance and strength
  • Develops male characteristics and protects against the action of the female hormone estrogen.
  • Supports muscle density
  • Increases muscle tone

YK 11 Myostatin for gaining bodybuilding

People who have tried Myostatin report that they notice an increase in muscle building after the first week of taking it.Best sarms for sale  Some claim that the visible effect occurs at the end of the second week. In both cases, it depends on the amount of training and strain on the muscles, as well as the general condition of the body.

However, there are not two opinions on the effectiveness of myostatin! In animal research and during experimental use by bodybuilders, athletes, and fitness professionals, YK-11 has shown remarkable results. Its benefit for increasing bodybuilding is unparalleled, because despite its powerful action, when taken correctly, its side effects are minimal.

YK 11 Myostatin for endurance and strength

You’re in good shape, you’ve perfected your best workout, you’re happy with how you look, and you seem to have reached the peak of your abilities. Now what? rad 140 for sale near me Do not give up! With Myostatin you will gain completely new levels of endurance and strength that you never knew you could have.

This SARM is perfect for those times when you stick to a few pounds and a degree of difficulty in training because you are unable to improve them. This is completely normal for the body, precisely because of the hormone myostatin, which you can suppress by taking YK-11.

Of course, an increase in this strength and endurance can be achieved with a steroid cycle, but how many people would like to worry about their side effects such as hair loss, hirsutism in women, acne and many others.

YK-11 protects against the action of estrogen

The structure of myostatin is very similar to that of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It is in turn responsible for hair growth, muscle stiffness, explosive power and increased libido.

This property of DHT protects against the action of estrogen, which in turn leads to increasingly visible male scars. YK-11 will reduce the female hormone in the body, so it is not recommended for women, as there may be health risks.

YK 11 Myostatin helps muscle density

Androgens are key regulators that play an important role in the male reproductive system. They have an anabolic effect on bone density and skeletal muscle mass. If you are looking for a supplement to harden your muscles, Myostatin can be useful.

There is a study that muscle firmness and density are based solely on genetic predisposition. Yes, but YK11 refutes this claim!

In a 2018 study with mice, it became clear that this SARM has a beneficial effect on muscle density. You can read the results of this experiment on the website of the National Library of Medicine.

How Myostatin YK 11 works

  • Shows anabolic activity
  • Builds muscles and gives strength like DHT
  • Increases folistatin peptide

Myostatin (differential growth factor) is a hormone without which a person’s appearance would look very different. Its role in our body is to synthesize a protein that blocks the growth of muscle tissue.

Myostatin YK-11 is a SARM that suppresses said hormone resulting in an increase in folistatin peptide. It in turn causes muscle growth beyond the capabilities of the body.

It is believed that the expression of anabolic activity of YK-11 is several times higher than that of testosterone. And consumers are satisfied with the effect on muscle building. According to those who have taken it, it acts more strongly than dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Most notably, in animal studies, weight gain without the accumulation of almost any fat has been taken into account. In a publication of PNAS magazine in 2007. it is clear that mice that do not have the myostatin suppressor gene have exactly twice as much physical strength as the others.

Lack of myostatin (which YK-11 inhibits) promotes skeletal muscle growth, demonstrating a powerful mechanism by which muscle size can be controlled in normal mice. According to research, when taking this SARM, atrophied muscles were also stimulated to grow and regain strength.

When are the first results of YK 11 seen

YK-11 is super effective for building muscle, regardless of genetic potential. Of course, its intake along with muscle training will show the best of what this SARM is capable of. Since it has been poorly studied in humans, the only way to understand how quickly it works is through animal research and consumer opinion.

If you’re serious about the gym with this supplement, you’ll be able to gain muscle so quickly that your friends will want to know what your secret is. Some athletes who take SARM say that Myostatin works almost instantly, and with the help of intense training, the results are like a magic wand.

But when do you see the first results of YK 11? Yale University’s Department of Internal Medicine found that treating mice with this myostatin suppressor showed a drastic increase in strength over 4 weeks. You can read all the information and benefits of this study here.

Although more research is definitely needed, based on the initial data and the stories of people who have already mentioned its effect, it is clear that Myostatin works very quickly, even before the strongest anabolic steroids.

Does Myostatin YK-11 affect testosterone production?

Myostatin YK-11 has a depressing effect on the body’s natural production of testosterone. Most users report that sensation levels drop just like anabolic steroids after only 4 weeks of use. Post cycle therapy with this SARM is mandatory!

In case of abuse and too long a cycle with YK 11, a total uptake of androgen receptors is observed, which interferes with their connection with the male hormone. This is because myostatin is highly anabolic and first binds to receptors. Then more than 60% suppression of the body’s own hormone production can be observed.

Selective androgen receptor modulators don’t have as many side effects as steroids, and after taking some of them, you don’t even need to undergo rehabilitation therapy. However, YK-11 is on the borderline between SARM and an anabolic steroid, so more care needs to be taken.

How to cycle with YK-11 Myostatin

The duration and dose of the Myostatin cycle can depend on many factors. We do not recommend that you start taking it recklessly if you have no experience in bodybuilding, as well as taking such supplements.

For starters, you can choose a shorter but effective cycle that includes 5mg per day for up to 6 weeks. This is a time when you can see its strength for yourself and get amazing results. Since your strength and endurance will be light years ahead, we advise you to give the maximum in the room to obtain a “wow” effect.

If you are advanced, you can take 15-20mg per day, not exceeding the cycle length for more than eight weeks. These are data collected from the personal experience and impressions of people in the field of bodybuilding.

  • Beginners – 5-10mg/day
  • Advanced – 15-20mg/day

cycle for bodybuilding

YK 11, Myostatin in a bodybuilding cycle is its most common use due to the good effects it gives even after a week. The dose depends on your experience and ambitions. It is always safer to start with a low dose, which is gradually increased.

As YK 11 is still an experimental drug and is not designed specifically for bodybuilding and fitness environments, the dosage can be adjusted according to individual user’s needs. That is, you can start your first cycle with this SARM with 5mg per day, increasing the dose after a few weeks. However, post cycle therapy is mandatory!

If you already have experience and know how to properly cycle SARMs with YK 11, and if you have knowledge about rehabilitation therapy after that, you can start with 10mg and increase the dose gradually. Reviews show that it makes no sense to exceed 20mg per day as there is no added benefit and the risk of serious side effects increases

Cycle for strength and endurance

YK-11 is undoubtedly a very good helper for improving strength if you are into weight training or want to push your limits in the gym. In about two weeks, you will feel this effect regardless of the dose you take.

Here too, the reception depends entirely on you and your feelings. The lowest dose that is suitable for beginners is 10mg and the upper limit is 15mg per day. Start with a small dose because YK-11 will increase your strength fairly quickly and you don’t need to risk your health to see good results.

Fat cleaning cycle

Myostatin has the natural ability to break down fat and prevent it from building up when taken in a bodybuilding or strength cycle. However, YK 11 is generally not taken alone in a fat burning cycle, as its main effect is different.

YK 11 Myostatin in a cycle for sports disciplines

Myostatin is not suitable for people practicing martial arts because of its rapid and powerful effect on muscle mass gain. This effect will slow down the movements of the athletes and instead of benefiting from it, will be an obstacle to success.

However, bodybuilders are the ones who appreciate the positive effect of myostatin on their body. Superman’s strength and extremely rapid muscle fiber growth are some of the most sought after results. That is why this sport is the main one in which YK 11 finds application.

Cyce with YK-11 for women

Unless they are bodybuilders professionally, we do not recommend women to take Myostatin as this SARM is too strong. There are other SARM supplements, such as Stenabolic, Andarine, and Cardarine, which are ideal for women and have no effect on hormones.

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