What’s The Difference between Dip Nails and Acrylics?

When we think of nail appointments, we generally think of acrylic powder nails or gel nails as they are the most common ones. However, they are not the only option available. You can have many more ways through which you can have the best nails you can ask for.

It is simple as the saying “the more the merrier” as you will have numerous options available to choose from and you can adopt the option that is way more compatible with your beauty goals. Though the internet is a great source to provide all the information you need to choose the right kind of nails for your next appointment in case you are still confused about where to go and whom to reach, you can always reach the nail salon Hillsboro aka My Aria nails for the detailed information you may need.

Acrylic nails

The monomer is a mixture of powder and liquid used to create acrylic nails. A brush is used to apply this mixture and shape the natural nail. After that, let the nails air dry. Except for gel acrylics, acrylic nails do not require an LED bulb to cure. You can easily get acrylic powder nails in Hillsboro from My Aria nails anytime you want.

Dip nails

Although it isn’t strictly a new trend, dip nails have become more popular over the past several years. Especially because the number of nail videos on social media has increased. Dip nails fall in the middle of acrylic and traditional manicures. Your nails are dipped into a container of powder following the application of a base coat. The color you choose for your manicure is in the powder. Following that, a topcoat is applied as per conventional practice.

Which one is better?

If you want to have a natural look for your nails dip nails are better option. A dip powder manicure may harden and dry fast without being exposed to UV light. Dip nails are better than acrylics in terms of strength and durability.

For the purpose of extending short or delicate nails, acrylic nails are a nail augmentation. Moreover, acrylic nails prevent you from eating your nails. While both fake nails provide a barrier to shield the natural nails beneath them, certain acrylic nail glues include abrasive substances and toxins that might damage your nail beds.

So now, we leave a choice to you to decide which one is better.

Application procedure difference

Of course, the application of acrylic powder nails and dip nails makes the biggest distinction. In the sense that you choose the color and a base coat is applied, dip nails are simply a basic manicure. A powder composed of silica that has a texture similar to dust is applied to your nails several times. Your nails are then protected with a top coat. You may then decorate your foundation with motifs and accessories as usual when the powder has dried.

Applying artificial nails requires a little more effort. Your nails are first sized with plastic nail extensions, and they are then placed at the nail bed’s tip. The nail technician will use a liquid mixture to fill in the crevices between your natural nail and the fake nail once the extensions have been adhered to and dried. After that, a nail drill smoothens and polishes the nails. Your nails are then painted and given a top coat to complete the look.

Similarities between dip and acrylic nails

Dip nails and nail salon Hillsboro don’t employ UV lights in their production processes, in contrast to gel manicures. This is only a result of their formula’s nature. Both of them may be completed more quickly as a result of gel manicures. Your busy schedule will gain crucial time as a result. The absence of UV light is advantageous because the light frequency in LED lights over time increases the risk of skin aging and damage.

What kind of nails do you want?

The gel will be your finest choice if you desire a nail art design. The gel is the closest thing to traditional nail polish, but it lasts longer, making nail art seem much glossier and more polished.

Since dip nails are often thicker, ombre nail effects or traditional block colors would look better on them.

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If you want to experiment with a less opaque design, with see-through areas or brighter colors, acrylic nails are fantastic. Since acrylic nails are not actual nails but rather extensions, they may withstand considerably more experimentation without harming your genuine nails.


Depending on your choice it is up to you which one suits your taste better. If you are a fan of designs and want to try new things then acrylic nails are better and if not then dip nails are perfect. Either way, My Aria nails is here for you to provide the best services.

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