Wonderful Waterfalls of Ooty You Just Cannot Miss!

Pykara Waterfalls

The Pykara river, which passes through Pykara hamlet and is revere by the Todas, is a Ooty lovely location. The boathouse or woodland rest house is available for you to use for a short while. They provide you with the finest vacation package by transporting you to Ooty’s most desirable tourist destinations. Being here will be healthy for the soul. There are many fascinating creatures and tidy fields to admire. You will be enchant by the Pykara waterfalls, and you won’t want to leave—only to return. This restaurant offers wonderful meals. Photographers will adore this location.

Halashana waterfalls

Halashana waterfalls, also known as Oteh Kodaaru in Tamil, are without a doubt one of the most picturesque sights in Ooty. This waterfall will excite everyone who enjoys watching flowing waterfalls. This waterfall, which lies in Dindigul, descends from a height of 150 feet above sea level. At the base, a natural crater was form by the rapid water flow. To see this waterfall, which is inside the Kollamuby Estate’s private grounds, visitors must obtain permission in advance. One should lie flat on their back to enjoy a close-up view of this waterfall, which is one of the top tourist attractions in Ooty. This also guarantees safety because the water descends quickly.

Katary Falls

You will be mesmerize by this place’s amazing beauty and allure. It is the third-largest waterfall in the Nilgiris Blue Hills and is located around 10 kilometers from Coonoor. You must have special clearance from the Defense in order to approach the waterfall. Once you have it, you may approach this mysterious fall and take in its alluring scenery up close. Trekking is a wonderful and peaceful way to get there for a picture session. You may get some great pictures with it that will wow your buddies.

Elk Falls

The terms “magnificent,” “beautiful,” “mesmerizing,” and “awesome” are all used to describe Elk Falls’ magnificence, yet none of them can really convey how majestic it seems to the unaided eye. These falls provide a magnificent perspective of the Echoing Valley of Kookal in addition to their meandering water.

The fall is also famous for a European home built by a British collector by the name of Sullivan, name Kannerimukku. The mansion, recognize as the earliest British building in Tamil Nadu, was construct in 1819. Green tea estates, coffee plantations, and Rangaswamy Peak and Pillar are some of the other attractions close to the fall.

Laws Falls

Laws Falls, one of the most well-liked tourist destinations around Ooty, is charming and beautiful in every sense of the term. The beautiful pool that is create by these rambling falls, which tumble from a height of around 180 feet, must be jump into at least once by visitors.

The late Colonel Fall, who found the falls and built the fame Coonoor Ghat on the banks of the Coonoor River, is honor with the name of the fall. Sims Park, Lamb’s Rock, Dolphin Nose, and Catherine Falls are some of the neighboring attractions in addition to the falls. These falls are quite beautiful.

Catherine Falls

One of the most well-known tourist attractions in Ooty is Catherine Falls, a double-cascading waterfall located in Kotagiri on the Mettupalayam highway where it splits off at Aravenu. It is the second-largest waterfall in Nilgiris and one of Ooty’s most beautiful waterfalls. The Geddhehaada Halla stream’s offshoot, the River Kallar, cascades down the rocks to create the Catherine Falls.

From the top of Dolphin’s Nose, you can view Catherine Falls in all its splendor, surrounded by magnificent forests and tea plantations. The water fall can only be seen in full at this location. To get to the route leading to this waterfall, you must trek for two to three kilometers. But as this is one of the most visit locations in Ooty, you are not permitted to complain. It will leave you with amazing views of tea gardens and vast greenery.

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Woodside Ivy Villa

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